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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now it can be told!

So who knew it was such a big deal that I haven't posted in a while?

Seriously, I appreciate the emails I've been getting, wondering where the hell I am, and (occasionally) who the hell I think I am to not post regularly any more. I'm honestly touched, especially considering that it's not as though I had thousands of readers.

Here's the deal: A couple months ago I started writing for/with Greg Gutfeld at his newly launched sites, including The Daily Gut, Big God Blog and Al-Zarqawi's Mom's Blog. Then about a month ago, Greg asked me if I wanted to completely take over writing Mama Zarq. I immediately said yes, because for some reason this New York Jew has an affinity for the thoughts of the Jordanian Arab Muslim mother of a terrorist - or as she refers to him, an innocent victim of Bush's illegal war. So the bottom line is that I've let this site slip as I've gotten into being Afifah full-time, while at the same time posting every so often at Daily Gut and Big God Blog.

I don't want to shut down Cranky completely, especially with midterm elections coming up. I have a feeling I'll want to write some (semi-) serious stuff as they get closer. But for now I'm having a lot of fun writing over at the other sites, so I'm not gonna be posting anywhere near regularly over here for at least a little while.

Then again, if there's a huge public outcry for the return of the Cranky Insomniac, who knows? (I'm just sayin...)

Honestly, though, thanks to all of you who for some odd reason enjoyed my writing. I'm sure I'll see you back here at some point, but in the meantime I hope you'll check out the stuff I'm doing now.


Blogger rachel said...

I'm glad the Scientologists didn't get you. But wait, does this mean that Fitch isn't always right?!

Anonymous fmragtops said...

I am glad your having of relations with Afifa is no longer of the secret. I am sure it must be feeling like the great stone wall has been lifted off a woman who did not resist being raped enough.

May the profit Muhammed (pbuh) sing the praises of you while he is of making with the on getting it of his 72 five year olds and Allah dispenses the punishment of corporal to his monkey!

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

Rachel: (Is that the name of a Jewess?) Fitch had the knowing of the beforehand and was performing the Ritual Of The Throwing Off Of The Scent! So it is still being of the possible that he is never of the left.

fmragtops: I am thanking you - it has been as though wearing of a burqa made with the stone! By why must you blaspheme the Prophet (poobah)?

Blogger FIAR said...

does this mean that Fitch isn't always right?!

Nope, it means Fitch can keep a secret - secret.

Anonymous SeanS said...

Fitch is Always Sneaky.

And a Monger.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bithday promise to you will always be kept provided we are married. I look forward to it!

Anonymous Danny said...

Speaking of the midterms... it's gettin' more and more crowded under that bus every day. I expect some ombudsing on this tonight.

Deeds ignored advice, White House says
Top Democrats seek to shield Obama in case of election loss

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