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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Clint Taylor, who along with John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has been among the most dogged pursuers of this story, breaks the news over at Hot Air that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the former Taliban ambassador who’s been studying at Yale under a student visa, has been turned down for admission to Yale's regular degree program. [I know how ya feel, buddy: so was I, once upon a time.] Money grafs:

This is a bizarre, freakish chapter in Yale’s history, and even though I’m glad Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi is leaving, I actually hope the story isn’t over. I hope that Yale will continue to examine the root causes of this awful decision. Right now Yale is a place that forbids ROTC from training on campus on one hand, but at the same time welcomes an unrepentant high official of one of the vilest regimes in recent history. In 2002, Yale turned down an opportunity to admit a group of academically qualified Afghan women, but a couple of years later they admit their oppressor. There’s something culturally wrong with a place that tolerates that sort of cognitive dissonance and I hope they try to fix it.

One would think the Left would celebrate this as a victory for liberal values. They won’t. I’ve tried to give them every opportunity to get on board what I thought ought to be a bi-partisan issue. Everyone hates the woman-beating, finger-chopping, head-hacking, gay-smashing, terrorist-abetting Taliban, right? Apparently, not as much as they hate Fox News and John Fund. With a very few exceptions, they have done nothing but complain about how the right has tried to score points off this issue, even as they tried to score points off of the conservative media.
Kudos to Taylor, and to Allahpundit (who I'm guessing feels a little funny in his pants right now) and everyone else at Hot Air for providing Taylor with a place to post while his blog is down. I'd say kudos to Yale for making the right decision, but that would imply that they made this decision for the right reasons, rather than to avoid negative publicity. It took a village of multicultural idiots to not raise a red flag over Hashemi's admission in the first place, and they don't deserve praise for belatedly correcting their disgraceful action in response to public outrage.

Anonymous FIAR said...

The key here is "regular degree program." He's still allowed to attend Yale.


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