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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Treasonable Discussion

So I got this unsolicited email today from someone named Jason J:


Elections are coming up. ABI has updated their immigration report cards. Please do NOT vote for any Republican (or Democrat) with a grade of 'B' or lower on their immigration report card.

Report cards:

Please do NOT support any Republican weak on immigration.

As many conservative intellectuals have recently said, the Constitution says that politicians have a duty to protect the U.S. and its borders.

Any support of a guest-worker program is treason. Do not support politicians guilty of treason, like G.W. Bush, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Sam Brownback, Mike DeWine, Arlen Specter, or Lindsey Graham.

Again, do NOT support Republicans weak on immigration.

If you only have liberal Republicans in your area, then vote third party (Constitution Party, etc.).

Do NOT support treason.

Here's my response:

I support a guest-worker program. I'm also a veteran of the United States Army. You've just accused me of treason.

I urge you to tell me where you live so we can discuss this face-to-face. I also urge you not to make any plans for after this discussion.



Blogger Alex Fear said...

Like it Cranky!

I wonder how many of those who are tough on immigration went to see the new Superman movie recently? There's one immigrant guest worker right there.. in fact, he was never even legal.. he crashed the borders.

I like your blog, I've been following for a while.

Blogger Mark Daniels said...

That term, "treason," gets thrown around with breathtaking carelessness these days. You were right to call this person to the carpet for it.


Anonymous FIAR said...

I thought you were more American than me. Imagine my shock to find out you're a traitor.

I'm horrified. How dare you have a difference of opinion?

Anonymous SeanS said...

Hey can I be a treasonous bastard too?

Show me the ways of the dark-side.

Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

A guest worker program won't be so bad as long as it mandates that minimum wage is observed in all cases and that Mexicans do not receive automatic preference, and last but not least; nobody cuts in front of anybody else who is in line for Citizenship - NOBODY. Oh, and no amnesty for illegal aliens either, under ANY circumstance ;-)

Anonymous fmragtops said...

GTL - I likes it.

Cranky - Why were you so mean to that nice man? You're so moody, like you haven't been getting any sleep or something.

Anonymous Sam said...

good point but superman isnt ruining our society by making our small towns turn into mexico-esque ghettos, bringing dangerous gangs into neighborhood or having babies live on welfare/our tax dollars till they are 18....please dont have the gall to compare superman to mexicans...ha peace!

Blogger Pietr said...

Yeah,those dangerous gangs,eh?
That's the bloody Irish for you.
Me, I've wanted to go to the USA since 1980, but you see I am one of those law-abiding bastards so for me it is impossible.
Unless I marry into the country.
But frankly that's a lot of hard work for a peice of green cardboard.


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