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Friday, June 09, 2006

UNdo It

The UN needs to go away. I don't mean take five, chill for a minute, kick it or take a timeout. I mean die, or at the very least, get the hell out of America.

You want corruption? The UN makes the US Congress look like Boy Scouts.

You want bad guests? UN "peacekeepers" have been accused of rape and pedophilia in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Congo.

You want incompetence? Look at - well, look at anything the UN does.

(I've written about all of the above in more depth here.)

Now comes the fun part.

On Tuesday, UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown gave a speech in which he basically blamed all the UN's shortcomings on the US and castigated American politicians, along with Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, for keeping the truth about the UN's successes from the American people.

US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton's moustache said that Brown's remarks were
“the worst mistake by a senior UN official” that he had seen in many years and would damage the world body.
Johnny Walrus then "denounced Mr Malloch Brown’s 'condescending, patronising tone about the American people'.

“Fundamentally and very sadly, this was a criticism of the American people, not the American Government, by an international civil servant . . . It’s just illegitimate.” He said he feared that the fallout would hurt the UN far more than the US and warned Mr Annan of the “potential adverse effects these remarks would have on the organisation”.

And now UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has backed his deputy:
Annan told reporters the thrust of the speech from Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown was that the United States and the United Nations need each other. He also warned the U.S. against abandoning efforts to reform the world body because of the remarks.

If one is going to use the argument that 'I'm not satisfied with reform and I'm going to close down the shop,' they will have lots of explanation to do, not just in this building but to the people out there," Annan said.
Oh, really? I, for one, won't need "lots of explanation." The UN is beyond reform. Kofi Annan is either incredibly inept, thoroughly corrupt, or both. The man's own son benefited financially from the Oil-for-Food scandal, but Annan has the chutzpah to talk about "reform" as if he himself isn't part of the problem.

The most useful thing the UN could possibly do for humanity would be to leave New York so its headquarters could be turned into a low-income apartment complex or even a bowling alley with a really high ceiling. Anything would be an improvement.

Anonymous James said...

The US has no business belonging to such an openly Communist organization.
Kick em out and pay no more dues to them.

They are completely useless wihtout our resources anyways. Though I must say the ironly of Bolton calling others condescending is not lost on me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive started a new military site like myspace for us military I hope you can join and pass it along.

Anonymous nino said...

It's, without a doubt, an awful waste of prime manhattan real estate.
I'm thinking it'd make a nice casino, but that's just me.

Anonymous FIAR said...

It'd make an even nicer paking lot.

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

Or parking lot, for that matter...


Anonymous FIAR said...


Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

Read the whole thing.


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