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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Suite 69

If you're in the LA area, do yourself a freakin' service and go catch Suite 69 live and in concert Friday night at Molly Malone's on Fairfax

Known the world over as The World's Most Improbable Cover BandTM, Suite 69 is fresh off their "We Were There, Where Were You?" tour, so they should be both tight and loose at the same time!!! In fact, I guarandamntee that they'll be the tightest and loosest band you've ever seen, heard, smelled, and - if you play your cards right - touched. Led by Vinny Bullitt, Suite 69 has only two missions in life: to rock you, and then just when you're expecting them to roll you, to rock you again. That's it. That's all they wanna do. You don't need another hero, and you don't need to find your way home. What you need to do is get yo' fine self down to Molly's and have your mind blown by the deep cuts of Suite 69. Don't forget to mention the Cranky Insomniac at the door and get your free blank look from the doorman!

Do this!

Suite 69
Friday, June 2
10:30p til you can't take no mo'
$7 at the do'
Molly Malone's
575 South Fairfax
LA, CA 90036

PS - Any ladies who head to the show lookin' for a good time should make sure to say hi to Sweet Dickie Bingo. He turns ladies into "laidies," literally overnight.

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