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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mirror, mirror...

Ann Althouse on American Idol's Taylor Hicks being named "Hottest Bachelor" by People magazine:
The man continues to confuse America. First, with the help of a TV show, we came to understand him as a pop idol. Now, with the help of a magazine, we've [sic] supposed to see the pudgy grayhair as a sex object.

Is something very, very wrong with us?
This from the woman who live blogged every episode of that asinine show?

(By the way, Professor, the answer to your question is "Yes." And you're not part of the solution for this one.)

Anonymous James said...

I left this over there thought Id leave it here too.

I would say the bigger issue is that anyone looks to a magazine to see who is the hottest. There are real problems in the world and this is what some people deem worth their time.

When reading idiotic literature don’t be surprised to see moronic things.


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