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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Milk was a bad choice

I hate humidity. I love Jill Wagner, the girl from the Mercury commercials. I wonder if Jill Wagner hates humidity. I hope so. Otherwise there could be problems later on. No mention of humidity one way or the other at her Myspace page, so maybe she doesn't have strong feelings either way about it. That would be odd, though, not to feel strongly about humidity. If you have any info at all regarding Jill Wagner and humidity, please let me know. I'll be inside if you need me. As the priest said to the altar boy.

Anonymous fmragtops said...

Well, she is definitely hot, but since it's not the heat it's the humidity, you should find the answer to this question quickly.

Blogger LittleOrangeFox said...

I saw that!!

last part...

tsk tsk

Catholics will be after you...Hell hath no fury like a nun scorned


Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

I don't know what you're talking about...

Blogger LittleOrangeFox said...

rahter...hell hath no fury like a spambot scorned?

Hey anonymous just saved me a bunch of money on car insurance!



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