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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Junior gets the rest of his name back

A quick update to my June 14 post on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. not owning the rights to his name: he does now.
Earnhardt told NASCAR.COM on Saturday that he and Dale Earnhardt, Inc. had agreed to terms Friday evening that awarded him sole ownership of the trademark rights to his lucrative name.
Junior says not to fault his stepmom, Theresa, who assumed control of the rights to his name (and to Dale Earnhardt, Inc.) after the death of Dale Earnhardt, Sr.

And you can't blame Teresa Earnhardt, Junior said, for wanting to protect her late husband's name, its worth, its legacy.

Essentially, it came down to trust. Once she trusted him enough to cherish what Dale Earnhardt means, she obliged the deal.

That's nice of Junior to say, but are we really supposed to believe that its a coincidence that just after this story got out and made Theresa look petty* she suddenly decided she "trusted" Junior enough to own his own name? Puh-lease. You got jacked, bitch. It's just that simple.

On a related note, if you put on FOX right now you'll get to watch NASCAR drivers struggling to make right turns at the road course in Sonoma.

*NASCAR fans will appreciate the sheer genius of this pun. The rest of you can just move along.

Blogger Diecast Dude said...

Have I mentioned Jeff Gordon rules?

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

I just feel sorry for his "wife." What a waste.

Biffle and Edwards coming on strong...

Anonymous markm said...

GAHH...frickin' Gordon.

The fellas really tore up the iron yesterday but relief is on the way via Daytona.


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