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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hawking Stephen

The Daily Gut has a list of things you didn't know about Stephen Hawking. Among the surprises for me were:
-He hates picnics because there never is enough shade for him to read the screen.
-His one big regret is that he did not bang Helen Keller and have "super human deaf dumb and blind babies."
-In 1987 the scientist was accused of shoplifting an entire canned ham from an Albertson's in San Mateo, California. The matter is now closed in a sealed court document.
-He refers to amputees as "throw pillows."
-Was secretly cured of his affliction back in 1972, but has been faking it ever since.
In other Hawking news, the New York Times reports that the mad scientitst is collaborating on a children's book with his daughter Lucy. Hawking says the book will be like Harry Potter, but with no magic. Sounds exciting! I can't wait for the audiobook!

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