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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Canadian Club of Terrorists Arrested

Via the seemingly never asleep Jay at Stop the ACLU, AP is reporting that Canadian authorities have arrested 17 people on terrorism charges, including "plots to use explosives on Canadian soil."

Good work, eh.

But here's the part that would be funny if it weren't so sad.

This is how AP described the suspects:

McDonell said the suspects were either citizens or residents of Canada and had trained together.

“The men arrested yesterday are Canadian residents from a variety of backgrounds. For various reasons they appeared to have become adherents of a violent ideology inspired by al-Qaida,” said Luc Portelance, the assistant director of operations with CSIS _ Canada’s spy agency.

That's all AP tells us.

Now here are the names of the tewlve adult suspects: Fahim Ahmad, Zakaria Amara, Asad Anasri, Shareef Abdelhaleen, Qayyam Abdul Jamal, Mohammed Dirie, Yasim Abdi Mohamed, Jahmaal James, Amin Mohamed Durrani, Steven Vikash Chand aka Abdul Shakur, Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, and Saad Khalid.

I applaud AP for not jumping to any hasty conclusions regarding what the common background of the men might be.

Malkin has a roundup of blogosphere reaction to the arrests.

More on Canada's growing homegrown terrorist problem at Counterterrorism Blog.

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