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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Triumph of Geroge Will

I know this is a week or so old, but George Will, a columnist I don't come close to always agreeing with, nails it with this observation:
A pastor called to a new church arrives on the day of a funeral for a man he never knew. The new pastor asks if someone in the congregation would like to say afew words in praise of the deceased. After a long pause, from the back of the church a voice calls out: "His brother was even worse!"Twelve years after the high-water mark of postwar conservatism, this is the Republican rallying cry: Democrats would be even worse than we are!
Sadly, that really is the best they can do. Even more pathetic (from a Democratic point of view, at least) is that that may be enough.

Blogger rachel said...

That sums it up nicely...

Anonymous chow-stl said...

Truthfully said. As a small goverment conservative, i think the republicans have dropped the ball. Unfortunately, we already know that the dems will feature big goverment in their platform. So the ideal that a small goverment is no longer an issue when considering the two parties since it is a foregone conclusion that we will have big goverment for the far seeable future. So the voters are left to decide which, remamining, issues which the two parties differentiate on are going to be addressed. And this will be sad only because it is the yoke of big goverment which will, eventually, destroy us. The largest domestic lagacy of the late Ronald Reagan is now lost.


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