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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Speaking Truth to Bauer

Warning: West Coast Spoilers

The fifth season of 24 finished up tonight with back-to-back episodes that kept the tension level pretty high. A good body count in the first ep (don't forget to stop by Blogs 4 Bauer and check out the official Jack Bauer Kill Counter) and some great work by the First Lady in the second.

Left unresolved in the wake of Jack's boat trip:
President Logan's final fate
WTF ever happened to my man Curtis?
Everything about Evil Can You Hear Me Now Guy, aka Bluetooth Man, aka The Preppy from Hell
Why Jack keeps torturing people when he knows it upsets Andrew Sullivan

All I know is that they have to bring Logan back next season. Greg Itzin is far too good of an actor to just be given his walking papers.

Only 8 months til "tomorrow"....

Blogger tdr said...

I agree with you about Logan. He should have gotten away with it and remained President. He was finally living up to his potential as a bad guy by the final two hours. A season with him acting the bad guy without pretense would make for a great political thriller.(


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