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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Old college buddy update

Congratulations to Neil Gorsuch, old college buddy of the Cranky Insomniac, who is expected to be nominated by President Bush to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, CO. (Thanks to Eugene Volokh for the info.)

Neil and I, along with a couple of other guys (including Chewey Williams before he was Chewey Williams), started an alternative campus newspaper at Columbia, which is still around, lo these many years. He's a lot more conservative than I am, but is one of the most intelligent and decent people I've met in my life. I have no doubt that SCOTUS is in his future.

Congrats again, Neil.

Update: Neil's nomination was actually sent to the Senate today.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was Gorsuch like all those years ago?

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

Smart as hell and a genuinely good guy.


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