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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moussaoui jury reaches verdict

Verdict to be announced at 4:30pm EDT.

My money's on life.

1645 Update: My money is safe.

The jury had to be unanimous in its recommendation in order for Moussaoui to be sentenced to death. It was not, which automatically means he gets life in prison. World's greatest reporter Pete Williams just said on MSNBC that we know at least one juror voted for death, but we don't know if it's one, eleven, or somewhere in between.

For what it's worth, I think the jury made the right decision. I was never completely comfortable with Moussaoui's confession that he was part of the 9/11 plot. It smacked a little too much of the ruse of someone wanting to appear important, wanting to be famous. Life in a maximum security facility seems like a fair punishment for this nutter.

Don't get me wrong: if an unfortunate "accident" should befall Moussaoui while he's in prison, I won't lose a lot of salt.

Blogger Paul said...

Yeah, same here. Wasn't going to lose sleep either way. I support this outcome though because I actually think it's the harsher sentence, as long as we're talking super-max level penitentiary here. He can yell his taunts outside the courtroom all he wants now. Better enjoy it, because he's soon to be enclosed in a hole where no one will give a shit what he says, mostly because there'll be no one to hear him. I don't buy that he's clinically nuts, I think he's just criminally moronic.

If it's considered an extreme crime to not disclose information that may or may not have made a difference, why isn't it criminal for FBI agents to not have followed through on info that would DEFINITELY have saved lives?


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