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Friday, May 19, 2006

Hugo boy!

Did you know we were readying an invasion force to occupy Venezuela? Eric at Classical Values links to a Reuters article that says Venezuelan President and party boy Hugo Chavez is "preparing citizens to fight a guerrilla war to repel a possible Iraq-style invasion by U.S. troops."

"They've already invaded us, now the invading forces are controlling certain strategic objectives," said Rear Admiral Zahin Quintana, a squadron commander, after disembarking from a warship as part of the exercise. "Now begins the resistance by our troops together with our people."

The tanks began circulating through the streets, and units of mock invading soldiers launched smoke bombs to clear the way. But local residents, organized and trained by military authorities, resisted the assault by blocking roads with rusting cars and burning tires.

"We're willing to go anywhere to defend our homeland," said Rosmery Trujillo, a participant in the operation, told state television. "This country will never again be put under the boot of the North, thanks to our President Chavez."

The simulated attack is part of a military operation called "Operation Patriot 2006" being carried out this week.

Eric wants to know if there's any way to "avert this coming war," and offers a, er, um, let's say, "unique" alternative.

But I don't think this can be avoided. It's a war of necessity. The freedom-loving people of Venezuela deserve our help, whether they want it or not, and Chavez, with his mean words and papal meetings, has pushed us to the limit. I, for one, think going into Venezuela is long overdue, and I was glad to hear that Bush has been planning this for some time. Of course, our government denies having any such plans, but they would, wouldn't they.

Next year in Caracas!

Anonymous FIAR said...

War for Oil in Venezuela! Woo hoo! Let's go!

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

You kids and your crazy war for oil schemes...


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