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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

House party tonight at 9 Eastern

The one and only (thank God) fmragtops (who may or may not be French), will be liveblogging tonight's season finale of House over at the creatively named Blogs for House.

People are saying that Blogs for House is "The perfect companion to the perfect show," "The next great group blog" and "What Blogs4Bauer wishes it could be."

(I can't seem to find the links for those "quotes." Maybe I'm too far out in front of the news cycle? Either way, I love putting the word "quotes" in quotes. It's so meta.)

(As an aside to my aside, the Jack Bauer Kill Counter is complete for SeasonDay 5. The official total is 316 corpses.)

So head on over to Blogs for House tonight at 9pm Eastern. You Left Coasters should head over at 9 Pacific and read along while you're watching. And if you're not American, well, then you're just un-American, and I quite frankly question your patriotism. No liveblogging for you, one year.


Anonymous fmragtops said...

That's funny. Thanks for the linky love.

Just for your edification, FIAR had a well thought description of my frenchness. See it here:

Blogger The Man said...

"What Blogs4Bauer wishes it could be."

"People" need to watch what they wish for. Jack Bauer doesn't have time for House.

Blogs for House
Total 69
Average Per Day 17

Total 110,824
Average Per Day 791

Anonymous FIAR said...

Uh, we just started this week , "the man."

"if you're not American, well, then you're just un-American, and I quite frankly question your patriotism. "

Especially if you're French. There's just no excusing that.

Blogger The Man said...

I was just messing with you guys. Welcome to the "Blogs4" block.

Click Here... I hope to give you some hits to get you started.

Anonymous fmragtops said...

You did, man, thanks. We got most of our hits last night from B4B.

Blogger LittleOrangeFox said...

we need to add some of those quotes to the sidebar...if onyl you knew where they were from >.< hehe

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

I know...I just can't seem to remember where I saw them...I'll have to keep digging...

Blogger LittleOrangeFox said...

i beleive in them! but I think anoynmous wont be convencing ;) Maybe google em? yeaaaaa I'll try that and see if i find anything

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

Yeah, good luck with that...I'm interested in seeing what comes up...


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