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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cartoon Wars: Here Beginneth The Lesson

The Catholic Church gets it. Or at least one Cardinal, a Cardinal considered papabile by many Vatican insiders, gets it.

Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria, who was a potential candidate for Pope at last year's Enclave, is calling for Catholics all across the globe to take legal action against The Da Vinci Code.

Legal action. Not a boycott, not a campaign to correct any falsehoods he believes are perpetrated by the book or film, both of which are works of fiction to begin with. Legal action.

What's "illegal" about Da Vinci? Cardinal Arinze, in an interview featured in a forthcoming documentary called The Da Vinci Code-A Masterful Deception, takes off his scarlet biretta and puts on his Eagles helmet: it's all about respect, yo.

"Christians must not just sit back and say it is enough for us to forgive and to forget," Arinze said in the documentary made by Rome film maker Mario Biasetti for Rome Reports, a Catholic film agency specialising in religious affairs.

"Sometimes it is our duty to do something practical. So it is not I who will tell all Christians what to do but some know legal means which can be taken in order to get the other person to respect the rights of others," Arinze said.

"This is one of the fundamental human rights: that we should be respected, our religious beliefs respected, and our founder Jesus Christ respected."
The Terrell Owens of Catholicism thinks it's against the law to disrespect or offend his Church or his savior. And I assume he believes this is true in every country on the planet, since he doesn't specify where this legal action should be taken.

Somebody learned his lesson:
"Those who blaspheme Christ and get away with it are exploiting the Christian readiness to forgive and to love even those who insult us. There are some other religions which if you insult their founder they will not be just talking. They will make it painfully clear to you," Arinze said.
Gee, I wonder what other religion he's talking about. I suppose the Cardinal thinks he's being collegial by not calling for full-scale riots.

Does anyone think Arinze spoke without the Pope's benediction?

Here beginneth the lesson of the Cartoon Wars.

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