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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Book of Opie

Lo, there came a time, a time unlike any other time, when the wrath of Opus Dei was great indeed. And in that time didst the members of Opus focus their displeasure upon the Great Deceiver, known to man as Opie, requiring of him a service unto them.

"For shall ye not repent, let ye at least maketh clear that your foul abomination of a film shalt not be mistaken for Truth, for in sooth we are wounded by your effigy."

But the proud and stubborn Opie would not be moved by the pleas of Opus.

"I have looked upon my film, and it is good. It pretendeth not to be that which it is not, and tho I seeketh not to do thee harm, thou shalt not compromiseth mine artistic vision, nor shalt thou lead me down the path of temptation in the direction of attaching a disclaimer."

And so Opus, who didst grieve at its murderous portrayal, after much gnashing of teeth did devise a plan to usurp the power of Opie by using his Creation in to serve its own interests.

"If that be your final answer, then thou leaveth us a choice of none but to say to thee that we shall turn your own Creation against you, and will 'capitalize on the interest created by the book and will use the controversy surrounding the film as "teaching opportunities" instead of heresies.'"

And so it was written, and so it came to pass, that both sides put down their swords and beat them into PR campaigns. And a great cry of joy went up across all the lands of the Earth, as the people - most of whom had understanding that the Heresy of the Code was naught but harmless fiction - had grown weary of the whole thing at this point.

(Mine hat tippeth to St. Andrew of Sullivan.)

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