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Friday, May 05, 2006

And a great cheer went up throughout the land...

Former spook turned incompetent bureaucrat Porter Goss has resigned his position as Director of Central Intelligence CIA director*. No reason was given for this resignation, but the majority of CIA officers probably couldn't care less, as long as he's gone.

"Porter's tenure at the CIA was one of transition, where he's helped this agency become integrated into . . . the intelligence community," Bush said. "And that was a tough job, and he's led ably. He has got a five-year plan to increase the number of analysts and operatives, which is going to help make this country a safer place and help us win the war on terror."

Bush also said that Goss has "instilled a sense of professionalism."

He added, "I am confident that his successor will continue the reforms that he's put in place. And as a result, this country will be more secure. We've got to win the war on terror, and the Central Intelligence Agency is a vital part of that war."

Bush did not name a successor or indicate when he would choose one.

Goss, 67, thanked Bush for "the trust and confidence" placed in him and said he thought the agency is performing admirably.

"I believe the agency is on a very even keel, sailing well," Goss said, addressing Bush in brief remarks after the president's announcement. "I honestly believe that we have improved dramatically your goals for our nation's intelligence capabilities, which are in fact the things that I think are keeping us very safe."

Can you have a circle jerk with only two people?

Although he formerly served as a clandestine CIA agent for 10 years during the Cold War, carrying out assignments in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, he reportedly had poor relations with elements of the CIA's clandestine service after he became director.

One sore point, critics have said, was that he brought in several politically partisan aides from his congressional staff to serve in top positions at the CIA. Some career officers regarded these aides as disdainful of the agency.

On behalf of a grateful nation, I thank Mr. Goss for ending his service. I don't know about anybody else, but I feel safer already.

Update: Lots of stuff over at Talking Point Memo, much of it devoted to a very juicy (and very credible) rumor as to why Goss resigned. I don't want to give anything away, but it involves former Congressman (and now jailbird) Duke Cunnigham, CIA number three man Kyle Foggo, and hookers.

*Edited to reflect the fact that since the creation of the post of Director of National Intelligence, the CIA director no longer carries the title Director of Central Intelligence.

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