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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Al Gore: He's tanned, rested and ready

Did you happen to catch Al Gore all but kick off his '08 presidential campaign on Saturday Night Live? I'm no fan of Gore, but I've gotta say, he was loose, relaxed, comfortable in his own skin, and..........funny??

Sure, the opening sketch, in which he played "President Gore," elected in 2000 and reelected in 2K4, was a liberal's wet dream come to life, but it was funny, not least of all because of Gore's timing and delivery. And the same could be said for his Weekend Update bit, in which he "debated" Amy Poehler on whether or not global warming was a good thing.

This bit also had my favorite unintentionally revealing line, when Tina Fey said something along the lines of, "Global warming is real, we're not going to debate that," in a dismissive voice. Note to liberals: if you'd drop the smugnoxiousTM self-righteousness you'd get more votes, win more elections, and be more likeable. Unfortunately, as a good friend of mine, Pierre duPont Copeland IV, always says, "Liberals are the least liberal minded people I know."

Anyway, I expect the liberal hemiblogosphere will be alive with the sounds of vigorous passion tonight. (And not in the good way.) It may be already - I don't go into certain neighborhoods at night. (My God, what HuffPo must smell like right now!) But I suspect one half of the Clinton "household" will not be sleeping soundly in her separate bed. An Al Gore with charm may just be her worst nightmare.

Update: Hot Air has video of the opening sketch.

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