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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Adult Swim question

Does anyone out there think Futurama is at all funny or clever? If so, could you let me know why? I just don't get it. It's the one show featured on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block that I've never liked.

That is all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you please read "Adult Sink" and then let the rest of us know what's funny about Adult Swim?

Then we can begin the healing process.

Anonymous fmragtops said...

I think Futurama is okay. I mean it kills time while waiting for the next Adult Swim toon to come on.

And what happened to Sealab 2021? Being as I no longer work nights, I don't get to watch adult swim as much as I used to.

Blogger Greg said...

I watched Futurama and enjoyed it. The general humor comes from the following topics:

1. The extreme fish-out-of-water character, Fry.
2. The bizarre ways in which the world of 3000 both reflects and is completely alien from the world of 2000.
3. The funny characters.

It's not as good a series as The Simpsons, but it's still enjoyable.

Blogger LittleOrangeFox said...

One of my favorite shows

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

Clearly you're all insane.


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