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Thursday, April 13, 2006

"They're not antiwar, they're on the other side" watch

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette points us to Reporting for Duty, a new Milblog launched by the Washington Post. Check out Chief Warrant Officer Bert Stover's account of a recent aircraft crash suffered by his unit, and then read the comments posted below it. As Greyhawk says,
Some eye opening stuff for anyone who thinks the Left's "support the troops" mantra is earnest or sustainable. Those wanting to add a few words of simple thanks for the author's efforts (and not further bog down the comments section already clogged by this type of sewage) are encouraged to do so...
I second that emotion, and have already left a comment of my own. Many of the commenters are truly disgusting, particularly given the fact that they are denigrating the very people who provide the umbrella of liberty under which they exercise their right to free speech. I strongly urge you to head over there and express your disgust for these commenters and your thanks for Mr. Stover.

Anonymous Lefty said...

It figures your a vet becuase it takes a fascist to know a fascist. its people like you that get America into the messes and make the world hate us while our socalled military rapes and kills civilians for fun. it makes me happy whenenver i hear that some of you got one where it hurts.

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

Dear Lefty,

I really enjoyed your use of creative spelling to make your points. Nicely done, sir!



The Cranky Insomniac

Anonymous ElMondoHummus said...


"Noli nothis permittere te terere."

Although, if you study history, the version you probably have heard -- attributed in various places to either Gen. Patton or Stilwell -- is:

"illegitimatum non carborundum et"

Bastards, indeed.

Anonymous Pierre duPont Copeland, IV said...

Interesting to note the orthographically challenged Lefty manages to get the spelling right on the one quasi-difficult word, “fascist,” in his gentle missive. If you pay a visit to left-wing playpens like or, however, you will see Lefty and his people seem to have a certain fascination with that word. Practice makes perfect!

Blogger toggle-switch said...

Wonderful. I'm starting to see articles and posts of vandalism on ROTC buildings, etc. (see

Oh joyous brave souls. You have painted these door ways into submission! Yikes. Graffiti in the wee hours. Some one will be late for their 9am poly-sci/philosophy/fight the man class.

Gentle liberal folk... note the article at Magpie and let me speak for a moment on behalf of military folk that you hate, but who continue to defend you... We target the black and the poor? Peeps. We have an all volunteer force now. You need to remove the old pages from the 1960's anti-war cookbook o' slogans.

And do, please, explain how ROTC "buildings" are targeting the underprivileged. It's at a major university! Hello. Is Chapel Hill suddenly providing bargain based tuition? Since when? I mean if we’re bullying poor people, wouldn’t we do it where poor oppressed people hang out?

And what does vandalism accomplish? Why not debate and discuss the issues?

Further... do you think all war will end if the US chooses to stop defending itself? Hit some history books. War existed before the USA existed. It will exist after our nation succumbs to appeasement and a false sense of "peace" through dismemberment.

Blogger toggle-switch said...

Marines cleared of charges in Ishaqi incident.

A big electric high five to you, friend!

Maybe folks in Pennsylvania’s twelfth district will give Murtha Mouth a call (800) 289-2642 to discuss their displeasure. Maybe they'll care enough to send him home this Fall so he can stop embarrassing them (and the rest of America). Probably contributions to his opponent, Republican Diana Lynn Irey would be a good start. (His war chest is 25 times as large as Ms. Irey's.) I'm a Floridian. Perhaps someone from there can explain the major voter-malfunction in the Keystone State.

No group is perfect, but I could not imagine Marines just going off the deep end like that. Their focus, training, and principles are just too good.

As a Naval Officer, trained during a hot summer in Pensacola - I owe my commission to some very dedicated (and wickedly humorous) USMC drill instructors. Can't say it enough. Thanks guys!

Poor poor press. They so wanted to believe this was true. They so wanted to strut and proclaim a lispy "Service members are just monsters. The President is wrong. There is too much being demanded... it just drives them all nuts (not that they're far from that anyway)."

To quote the Cranky Insomniac, "They're not anti-war; they’re on the other side."

Joke’s on you. Sad sad little-minded media toadies. You were wrong. There was no massacre. Our cause is just. We are bringing peace, stability, schools, electricity, and FREEDOM to Iraq.



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