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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shallow Thoughts with the Cranky Insomniac

The best thing about being a blogger in the TimesRejectTM era: Realizing you don't have to read Maureen Dowd's columns because nobody else is. I was halfway through today's MoDo screed when it hit me: I can't link, therefore it isn't.

The worst thing about being a blogger: Actually dreaming that Mickey Kaus sent you an email complimenting you on one of your posts. I kid you not, I was in the shower when I remembered this, but while I was pretty sure it was a dream, the first thing I did when I got out was, well, dry myself off, obviously. The second thing I did was check my computer. Sure enough, it was just a dream, the whole time it was just a dream. Damn those new ruby slippers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an OIF combat veteran (female) and after the enemy killed my love; I was more than ready to cut their throats with my teeth.

Unfortunately either depleted uranium or their 'dirty' bomb got me, and now I am sick all the time.

I miss my buddy every day. I wish it had been me instead of him because I saw his spirit crying to me and I will never forget any of it.
And the homosexual thing sounds like to me, you got the hots for men!
I personally can not handle watching the same sex together; yet I kissed a girl?!!


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