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Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Parents, make sure to bury your children's heads first before you bury your own."

South Park is on a roll this season. Episode one took care of Scientology, ep 2 handled the unbearable smugness of being a hybrid car owner and/or a San Franciscan and/or George Clooney, and last night the third ep hilariously (and simultaneously) blasted Muslim extremists and those in the West who, either out of misguided multiculturalism or straight up fear, kowtow to their obscene demands. (Attention New York Times, Washington Post, every other major newspaper, every major network news division and every cable news network: this means you.)

Matt and Trey also got in a nice jab at Comedy Central for, as John Kerry might have said, being for yanking a rerun of last season's Tom Cruise/Scientology episode before they were against it.

[Edited: There used to be a paragraph here that was meant to be funny but turned out not to be. Now it's gone.]

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