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Friday, April 07, 2006

NASCAR rolls into Texas

After two straight weeks of short track racing, it's cookie-cutter time again for NASCAR. For the un-American among you, "cookie-cutter" refers to the fairly flat, 1.5 mile ovals that are taking over stock car racing, much to the chagrin of many hardcore fans. ("Boring," is generally the nicest thing they'll say.) This week's cookie-cutter is Texas Motor Speedway.

Diecast Dude has come up with a pretty good idea he calls the Roush drinking game:
Pound one down every time during the television broadcast you hear reference made to Roush dominance at such places, a field summary of Roush drivers, or there's any variation on "look how many Roush drivers are currently in the top ten."
Again, for those of you with communist leanings, Jack Roush is a team owner, and his five Ford drivers (known as the Roushketeers) tend to dominate at the cookie-cutter tracks. As you can guess from the rules of the game, NASCAR's TV commentators tend to beat this theme to death.

Here are my fantasy picks (as of now) for this weekend's race:

"A" driver: Carl Edwards
"B" drivers:Kasey Kahne and Kyle Busch
"C" driver: Reed Sorenson

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