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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jill Carroll video the price of freedom

As expected, it's being reported that Jill Carroll's employer, The Christian Science Monitor, has confirmed that Carroll was forced by her captors to make the video that first appeared on a jihadist website on Thursday. (See earlier post here.)

According to Newsweek,
Video of Carroll filmed the night before her release is now being characterized by her employer The Christian Science Monitor as propaganda she was forced to take part in as the price for her freedom.

In the video, which first appeared Thursday on a jihadist Web site, Carroll praises her captors for treating her well and attacks U.S. policies in Iraq. On Friday, The Christian Science Monitor, quoting Carroll's father, Jim Carroll, reported that the video was made while she was still "under her captors' control."

Carroll is “emotionally fragile” after her captivity, Monitor editor Richard Bergenheim said Friday.

The CSM issued the report after Jim Carroll had a long telephone conversation with his daughter on Friday.

The report says that contrary to comments she made in the video about lenient treatment by the kidnappers, who refer to themselves as the Revenge Brigade, Carroll lived in fear of the kidnappers who had killed her colleague Allen Anwiya, and that even the smallest details of her life — what she ate and when, what she wore, when she could speak — were at her captors' whim. Before making the video before her release, she was reportedly told that they had already killed another American hostage.

According to Newsweek, Carroll "drew harsh criticism from conservative bloggers and commentators" for what she said in the video. I haven't seen any of this criticism, but I'm sure there's a special place in hell for any idiot who talked trash about what Carroll did to survive. (I'm gonna go ahead and guess that most of 'em are chickenhawks. Call me crazy...)

Carroll landed in Germany earlier today, and is expected to catch a flight to Boston later tonight.

Welcome home.

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