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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Passover

Happy Passover to my Tribal readers.

For those of you who aren't Jewish or Charlton Heston fans - and out of those two, it's certainly okay to not be Jewish - during Passover the Jews commemorate the fact that God was the first to impose sanctions (the ten plagues) on a dictatorial regime (Pharoah). Someday, in a cave in the Sinai, a scroll will be discovered containing evidence that several European angels, and perhaps the head of the United Angels and his family, got rich by working with Pharoah in violation of these sanctions.

During Passover we also remember the hardships our forepeople* suffered while fleeing Egypt. Because Jews take forever to say their good-byes, they had to leave in such a hurry that they couldn't wait for their bread to rise and had to eat it unleavened, as matzoh. (This led to the concept of bakeries, where you could get actual bread really quickly. For a people who spend most of their history fleeing, this is of the utmost importance. "Never again," as we say.) In modern times we identify with the suffering of our ancestors by eating matzoh, along with kosher-for-Passover cookies, brownies, cakes, and potato chips. Really, you can only identify so much before it starts to become annoying.

*The Cranky Insomniac's sister forbids the use of the word "forefathers."

Anonymous Pierre DuPont Copeland, IV said...

*The Cranky Insomniac's sister forbids the use of the word "forefathers."

Then how about forebears? "Forepeople" is insufferably PC.


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