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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ghettoized Quote of the Day

The main reason Mr. Rumsfeld should leave now is because we can't have a credible diplomatic or military option vis-a-vis Iran when so many people feel, as I do, that in a choice between another Rumsfeld-led confrontation and just letting Iran get nukes and living with it, we should opt for the latter.

It may be that learning to live with a nuclear Iran is the wisest thing under any circumstances. But it would be nice to have a choice. It would be nice to have the option of a diplomatic deal to end Iran's nuclear program - but that will only come with a credible threat of force. Yet we will not have the support at home or abroad for that threat as long as Don Rumsfeld leads the Pentagon. No one in their right mind would follow this man into another confrontation - and that it a real strategic liability.
- Thomas Friedman, Iraq war supporter, writing behind the TimesRejectTM wall and on page A21 of today's dead tree edition of the New York Times*

Friedman is wrong in thinking that living with a nuclear Iran is an option for us, but he's dead on with respect to Rumsfeld. I'll say it again: Get RID of Rummy.

*Having to actually type out quoted passages really sucks. Thanks a lot, NY Times. You're on my list.

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