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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bloomberg shoots and misses

Based on his performance at a press conference yesterday that followed a summit of 15 anti-gun mayors, it's obvious that New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg has built up a tolerance to whatever anti-psychotics or mood stabilizers he's currently on, to the point where they have no effect whatsoever.

You see, Bloomberg has got this idea stuck in his head (where I'm sure it's very lonely) that he's a great crusader for justice. Well, if justice is fining people for sitting on milk crates, taking up two seats on the subway, or riding a bike without both feet on the pedals, then Bloomberg is freakin' Batman. But it's not, and he's not.

Here's an example of Bloombergian logic from yesterday's presser, as reported by the inexplicably sympathetic New York Post:
Surrounded by 14 mayors attending an unprecedented Gracie Mansion gun summit, Mayor Bloomberg charged yesterday that legislators who "vote against getting guns off the street" share responsibility for the death of the 2-year-old boy killed by a stray bullet on Easter Sunday.

"The only thing that would have helped that child is if we had the courage to stand up and get the guns off the street," Bloomberg declared at a press conference following the four-hour summit.

"And those who vote against getting guns off the street really are the ones as much responsible as the shooter, because if the shooter didn't have a gun, that child would still be alive."

So in the world according to Mike, supporting an individual's right to bear arms makes you not even just partially responsible for a senseless murder, but as responsible as the nutjob who pulled the trigger on a gun that - surprise, surprise - was obtained illegally in the first place. Makes perfect sense. Or at least as much sense as mouthing platitudes about having the "courage" to "get the guns off the street."

How should we get the guns "off the street?" Well, what we should probably do is enact a series of laws that strictly limit who can legally buy one. Once we do that, all murder will magically disappear, Willy Wonka will open his chocolate factory, and we'll all live happily ever after. Obviously the laws we have aren't strict enough, or little David Pacheco Jr. wouldn't have been shot with an illegal weap--HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!

Phew. That was close. I almost got sucked down the rabbit hole into Bloomland, where our universe's logic doesn't apply.

I'm gonna leave it to you, dear readers, to explain how a crime committed with an illegally acquired gun is the fault of lawmakers. It's too much for me. Besides, each mayor at the summit signed a six-point statement of principles, so I'm sure everything will be taken care of, even if, as the Post points out, "at least half the principles require state or federal action." Last time I checked, taking state or federal action wasn't listed under the job description of mayor, but I haven't checked in awhile, so maybe that's changed.

Here's the deal, Mike: making it difficult, if not impossible, for law-abiding citizens to own guns will always lead to more crime. When predators know their would-be prey can't defend themselves, they attack. When they know their would-be prey may be able to fight back, they tend to move on. It's science.

So if you think about it, maybe the politicians who campaign and vote for stricter gun laws "really are the ones as much responsible as the shooter."

Guns don't kill people: gun control laws do.

: How could I forget: Mayor Bloomberg? You're on my list.

Blogger Little Blue PD said...

Nanny Bloomburglar is like a spoiled billionaire, his way or the highway. He also has a very annoying nasally whining voice. He just disgust me so much, I can barely discuss him, I'm sorry. For example, if he really wanted people to stop buying cigarettes legally, he would slap a $1,000,000 tax on a pack of cigarettes. All Bloomburg's Cig taxes do is help promote corruption and fund terrorism. Bloomburg For President?! NOW THAT is funny!


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