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Thursday, April 20, 2006

ABC = Anti-Bush Channel

ABC News has invited Mr. and Mrs. Valerie Plame to be their guests at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner, which will be held on April 29.

According to Editor & Publisher, other "notable non-journalist guests" will include Alex Trebek, Ben Roethlisberger, Anna Kournikova and Ludacris. Or wait, is Ludacris just Joe Wilson's street name? I forget.

E & P's reporter, Joe Strupp, writes that "It is unlikely she will be seated next to [Bob] Novak, but perhaps Bush may have a good view of her from the dais." Oh, my sides. You get the feeling Strupp is one of those guys who walks around thinking that everyone thinks he's the funniest guy in the office? The kind of guy who, when he's all alone in bed, thinks to himself, "I really should do standup"? Yeah, me too.

Lorie Byrd over at Polipundit (where I found this story) nails it when she says,
"I guess this is just the latest step in the process of restoring Ms. Plame/Wilson’s quiet, anonymous existence which she claims to have loved so much." (where Laurie found this story) says
We don’t know why ABC News would invited Wilson and Plame, who right now are only technically newsworthy and are behind what ostensibly one of the noisiest hoaxes so far in this young 21st century: the Joe Wilson scandal™.
Well, there's obviously only one reason to invite the Plamers: to embarrass the President. Think about this. An American news organization can think of nothing better to do with its extremely hard to get tickets than to invite guests with the sole purpose of embarrassing the President of the United States.

Look, I'm not saying that criticizing the President is un-American or "helps the terrorists." But to go out of your way to embarrass our Commander-in-Chief just for the sake of embarrasing him is absolutely pathetic, and more than a little petty. That an ostensibly "objective" news organization would stoop to this is even more disgusting, and everyone at ABC News should be ashamed.

I also find it oddly instructive that the folks at ABC would do this so soon after the suspension of producer John Green for writing anti-Bush emails: ever heard the expression "lesson learned," people?

I'd threaten to boycott ABC News, but that would give them a net loss of zero viewers. What I can do, however, will punish them so severly that at the very least, they will rue the day. ABC News? You're on my list.

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