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Thursday, March 30, 2006

South Park

First it was Scientologists, now it's hybrid car owners and George Clooney. All the South Park folks need to do is an episode in which the kids realize that the "A" in type A personality stands for "asshole," and they'll have covered pretty much all of Hollywood. I'm worried that if Matt and Trey keep this up they'll never work in that town again.

If you missed last night's hysterical episode, try to catch a re-run. Briefly, a "smug cloud" that comes from hybrid owners (the car is called a "Pious") mixes with a smug cloud from the "head up their own asses" citizens of San Francisco and a smaller cloud from George Clooney's Oscar acceptance speech to form a perfect storm of smugness. (Every time they showed Clooney's cloud you could hear a little snippet from his speech. I was dying.) Obviously, it's up to the boys to save the day.

Curiously, there's been no response from the Huffington Post people. As the repository for insufferable liberal smugness on the interweb, I thought HuffPo would be all over this. Arianna? Laurie? Alec? Bueller?

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