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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Inside Man

I saw it last weekend. Really good film, but it's either got some major plot holes or I'm an idiot. In most cases I'd say just go with the idiot notion, but I saw the film with The Cranky Insomniac's sister and her husband, two of the smartest people I know, and they can't answer my questions. If any of you have seen it, please chime in. (I love how I'm pretending people are actually reading this!)

Anyway, here are my main questions (warning: spoilers):

1. How did Owen know about the safety deposit box? I've heard speculation that the "rabbi" character set the whole thing up, and that Owen's character is his nephew. In an interrogation scene, Denzel asks the rabbi if he knows about diamonds and he says something like, "you should talk to my nephew." But even if that's true, how did the rabbi know? I would assume there's a Holocaust connection there, but how would he know about the safety deposit box? Also, could the title of the movie actually refer to whomever gave this information to Owen?

2. What the hell happened when Denzel barged in on the mayor and Jodie Foster having lunch? By giving Foster the business card with the War Crimes Commission phone number on it, was Denzel letting her know that while he knew Chase's secret, he was prepared to let it drop in return for something? Or was he giving it to her to give to the mayor so he (the mayor) could make the phone call and get the credit for bring Chase down, which would then mean the mayor owed him? Or something completely different?

3. Couldn't they have figured out which of the hostages were actually part of Owen's crew by returning everyone's clothing? The ones who didn't have any other clothes would be the ones who stormed the bank. Unless, of course, Owen thought of this and had everyone bring other clothes which would then be tossed in with the hostages' clothing. That would actually be cool, but I don't remember them showing that.

Did the bank employee who didn't give up his cellphone at the beginning really get beaten up by Owen? Or was that guy in on it? Remember, they go in the other room and you never actually see him being beaten up. Given that many things in the film weren't what they appeared to be, and given the couple of scenes in which hostages "acting up" were actually part of Owen's crew, and given that from what we know of Owen it seems out of character for him to savagely beat someone up, I kinda think that guy was in on it. (This one's not actually annoying me. I just find it interesting.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hammond was not in on it. Dalton had threatened to kill Hammond if he was lying about his phone being at home. When Dalton found out the phone was in the bank his initial reaction was "don't worry about it." But then he realized that if he did nothing to punish Hammond he would lose his credibility with the hostages. We see Dalton struggle with this when he went into the other room clearly agitated before making up his mind to beat Hammond up.

Blogger The Cranky Insomniac said...

That makes sense. I'll buy it.


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